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  • My construction plans include wood trusses, can I change them to metal?
    Yes, you can, and we can help, even if the plans are approved, we can submit a revision.
  • Can you draw and signed truss plans?
    Yes, we do sign, sealed and ready for approval.
  • What are the advantages of metal trusses vs wood trusses?
    1. Metal trusses are lighter yet more resistant. 2. Metal trusses are termite resistant. 3. They are also fire retardant and mold resistant
  • Can you also fabricate joists?
    Yes, we can, joists or floor trusses.
  • Can I use metal trusses on any roof design?
    Yes, you can, we can design and build any type of trusses. Our material es especially good for challenging or complex trusses designs.
  • Are steel trusses more expensive than wood ones?
    On average, the price difference is $1.00 more per square feet more that wood trusses. But the outweigh the difference with the advantages: Termite resistant, mold resistant, 7 times stronger that wood, maintenance free just to name a few.


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